List of Services:

Swedish Massage

A massage aimed at releasing physical tension, increase relaxation and lowering blood pressure.

30 min - $45                  90 min - $96

45 min - $60                120 min $129

60 min - $70

Therapeutic Massage

My kind of massage! I use a combination of Swedish and Deep tissue in order to loosen knots while helping you relax.

30 min - $45                  90 min - $96

45 min - $60                120 min $129

60 min - $70

Pre-Natal Massage

A wonderful massage designed for Moms-to-Be. I use pillows to allow you to recline comfortably on your back.

60 min - $70


Holistic techniques by applying pressure on reflex points on the feet or hands that correspond to specific areas within the body.


Seaweed Body Wrap

A Seaweed gel is applied to the body which stimulates, hydrates and detoxifies the body and skin.


Sea Salt Exfoliation

A Dead Sea salt scrub customized with essential oils or by fruit to help smooth skin and the senses. A wonderful compliment to a massage session or body wrap. Perfect!!


Body Polish

A body polish is designed to remove dead skin cells and moisturize, much like a body scrub, however, is not designed to clean.


Ear Candling

A natural procedure that may alleviate the symptoms of headaches, sinus condition, allergies and minor hearing loss due to excessive earwax.


For Corporate Events....

I can come to your business for on-site Seated Chair Massages. Please call for more details.

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